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  • Jane Docent

Commie Teachers on TicTok

Editorial by Jane Docent

Today, I came across a creepy TikTok video… not exactly unusual, I know. It featured a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) teacher boasting about her Communist leanings. She mentions her response to a student who asked why every class she teaches seems to devolve into an anti-capitalist rant.

Sporting a nose-ring and dressed in a black tank top revealing an ample bosom plastered with tattoos— tats she undoubtedly must cover up when she’s actually teaching— the woman grins into the camera and says, “It’s because I’m the teacher that your parents warned you about. I’m the professor that’s gonna turn your kids leftist.”

Her threatening, pro-communist swagger doesn’t shock me, though I’m certain her intention was to bate conservative parents just like me. Perhaps twenty years ago I may have been bothered, but, as a parent of two college students, I have long been aware of the subversive, radical Marxist indoctrination underway in schools across our nation. I encountered it when I was a university student myself. It’s one of the main reasons I chose to homeschool.

This brand of SJW teacher, the one who regularly departs from teaching reading, writing, or arithmetic to bludgeon children with her political views, is unfortunately the norm in secondary and post-secondary education. My daughter has spent four years pursuing a degree in English Literature—the same degree I earned twenty years before her at the same university—and, yet, she has read substantially less classical literature than me. When we peruse the bookshelves at our local Barnes and Noble, I’m always discouraged at how little she knows of the classics. Most of the noteworthy books she has read were the result of my teaching, not what she has encountered at university. Rather than Tolstoy, Hawthorne, Dickens or Faulkner, she has studied sentimental novels, slave narratives, feminist manifestos, and the origin stories of indigenous peoples. Or worse, she’s spent hours of class time listening to professors like this one forego teaching altogether to whine instead about their personal experience as a victim of the capitalist, racists, sexist, homophobic, American regime. Seldom do my children return from the classroom with a fact-based analysis of history and ideas. Instead, they have notebooks crammed with their professors’ opinions of the material, always from a particularly leftist worldview, which constitutes indoctrination.

To be honest, this particular TikTok teacher doesn’t frighten me. I’m certain my kids would spot this sycophant a mile away. Teachers who demand your complete and immediate conversion to their way of thinking, who ridicule traditional beliefs and opinions, who lift themselves up as they mercilessly put others down won’t earn a student’s respect. On the contrary, I’m worried about the amiable, perfectly reasonable professors who teach rather than preach, but, through subtlety and flattery, skillfully proselyte students teaching doctrine rather than a discipline.

An article by Malia Wollan in New York Times Magazine entitled “How to Proselytize,” features an interview with Mario Dias, the manager of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints training center in São Paulo Brazil. When sending out new missionaries, he tells them, “Approach [people] with respect and treat them with love… Before you start… connect with people as humans. Ask about their families, their lives, their troubles.” Dias knows that the art of proselytizing is to build relationship and then “share the joy of your belief.”

The SJW teacher in this TikTok video isn’t sharing joy—she is thoroughly menacing. As long as she keeps spouting hate in her classroom and across social media platforms, she’ll be easy to mark.

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