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Don't Answer The Door!

Watch: Doorbell Camera Films Odd UFO in CaliforniaApril 01, 2022 By Tim Binnall A California man was left mystified after his doorbell camera captured footage of a peculiar object zipping through the night sky near his home. The puzzling scene unfolded earlier this week outside Tim Harvey's residence in the city of Bakersfield. In the footage, an odd glowing object emerges from some nearby trees, flies across the sky, and leaves behind an eerie trail behind it. The confounded homeowner subsequently sent the video to a local TV station in the hopes of figuring out what the security system had caught on film. Watch it here!

Presenting the curious clip on Wednesday's evening broadcast, Bakersfield news anchor Mike Hart mused "could it be a video effect or something? I don't know." According to the TV station, both the city's police department as well as the National UFO Reporting Center were made aware of the incident, but neither offered an answer as to the nature of the UFO. Viewers online have unsurprisingly offered a variety of theories for what the peculiar object might have been with an errant drone, a firework, and, of course, an alien spacecraft being among the candidates. By far, however, the most prevalent suggestion is that the anomaly captured by Harvey's camera was merely a bug. That contention was echoed by fastidious UFO researcher Scott Brando, who also dismissed the video as simply showing "another insect mistaken for a UFO" and explained that "its trail is just a known artifact." While we're inclined to believe his assessment, we'll leave the final judgement up to you. What's your take on the weird footage? Share your best guess with us at the C2C Facebook page.

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