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  • Kevin Caldwell

Earthquakes and UFOs

San Diego, California, is one of those beautiful cities of the world that forces its citizens to pay for privilege of playing in paradise. San Diego’s beautiful weather, gorgeous harbor and Pacific beaches are thus tempered by earthquake faults and military bases that contribute to phenomena that are often scary and sometimes resist explanation. Today, that phenomena is mysterious booms.

  • “Sonic boom not earthquake in San Diego.”

  • “Another day, another mysterious, house-rattling sonic boom in #SanDiego.”

  • “San Diego is cool bc im like oh wow just felt an earthquake but no actually it was a sonic boom.”

December 28 supposed to be one of those relaxing days leading up to the new year, but instead it was another day of mysterious booms for San Diego residents who have had their share of them in 2021. NBC San Diego reports that all of the usual suspects issued their “Not us” statements – the United States Geological Society said that there no quakes locally, the San Diego Sheriff’s and San Diego Police said they had no calls on the boom, and the National Weather Service said there were no weather events in the area at the time. There was also the mandatory finger-pointing – the Marine Corps Air Base Miramar said to check with the FAA, while the FAA said to check with the military. Did anyone blame the year 2021?

Reports from residents all across San Diego County from the South Bay to the East County report hearing what could only be described as a ‘sonic boom’ followed by rumbling.

  • It was exactly 3 p.m., and it felt like a earthquake.

  • I thought something fell on the roof at my work. Shook the whole building

Those were tweets from December 2 after a mysterious boom was heard and felt in San Diego around 6 pm. Soon, the “Not me’s” came in from the USGA and law enforcement officials, and “no comments” came from the military. Perhaps they were sensitive after a mysterious boom on June 8 that was definitely picked up by USGS Duty sensors, who said it was not an earthquake.

The Marines admitted that one was theirs, but took no responsibility for a mysterious boom on February 16 that was reported on social media as being located in the southern half of San Diego County – an area that the USGS said … you guessed it … had no seismic activity at the time. If you’re keeping score, there were also the mysterious skyquakes over San Diego in March 2021

If you’re into connecting dots, San Diego was also the home port of the USS Nimitz carrier group which encountered the Tic Tac UFOs in 2003 off the coast of San Diego. Since then, a number of UFO sightings – both public and military – have been reported in the San Diego area. The military kept the Tic Tac UFO reports hidden for years and is obviously still reluctant to discuss mysterious booms in the area. Is this just the standard ‘stay out of our business of keeping you secure’ or are they covering something up? Are San Diego residents becoming complacent as these incidents increase while explanations decrease? Has the confluence of seismic and military activity changed the weather or the physical location of San Diego? Has it made San Diego a UFO hotspot?

Is this the price you pay for living in San Diego?

Is it worth the risk?

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