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  • Kevin Caldwell

Empty Syringe Raises Concern Over COVID Vaccine.

During the first rounds of COVID-19 vaccinations in EL PASO, Texas at the University Medical Center, a frontline healthcare work is seen receiving an empty syringe, and the worker who is administering the vaccination motions as if he is depressing the plunger.

UMC stated that the healthcare worker received a second dose to eliminate any doubts about not being vaccinated. With stories like this and adverse reactions from those receiving the vaccination, concerns over trusting those administering the vaccine and the vaccine itself are on the rise.

Former President Obama says he may take the vaccine live on TV to build trust in it. If it were not for a few eagle-eyed views of the nightly news in EL PASO, the empty syringe would have gone unnoticed. How can we trust those pushing the vaccine on us that that they are actually getting it themselves?

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