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  • Kevin Caldwell

Houston, We Have A Problem. SpaceX’s Close Call With UFO

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor had a close call with a UFO just before successfully arriving at the International Space Station, a report said.

US Space Command warned the crew aboard the spacecraft of a possible collision with an unknown object after launching into orbit on Friday, Futurism reported.

“The possibility of the conjunction came so close to the closest approach time that there wasn’t time to compute and execute a debris avoidance maneuver with confidence, so the SpaceX team elected to have the crew don their pressure suits out of an abundance of caution,” NASA spokesperson Kelly Humphries told Futurism.

The object passed about 28 miles away from the spacecraft at its closest point, the report said. Ultimately, “there was no real danger to the crew or the spacecraft,” Humphries told the outlet.

Space debris or s̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ something else?

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