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  • Kevin Caldwell

Kamala Harris' Flight Delayed Due To "Anomalous Health Incident."

Vice President Harris' flight from Singapore to Vietnam was pushed back due to "anomalous health incident" – which is how the U.S. State Department refers to mysterious symptoms that have affected dozens of Americans working in embassies and consulates across the world — affected embassy staff in Vietnam but not anyone from the vice president's staff.

The official cause is unknown, but these heals conditions are called "Havana Syndrome," Still unknown what or who is behind it, theories say they involve targeted microwave or sonic attacks. Havana Syndrome has affected more than 200 U.S. officials and their family members around the world in countries such as Cuba and China.

NBC News reported that at least two U.S. personnel in Hanoi will be medevaced out of country after Havana Syndrome incidents over the weekend.

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