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  • Kevin Caldwell

Space Capsule With Russian Android Fails To Dock As Planned At ISS.

On Friday, Russia's space agency launched a space capsule carrying their human-like, 6 foot-tall, 350-pound humanoid robot named FEDOR. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there was a failure with the capsules docking system that didn't allow it to properly mack connection with the International Space Station.

FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), was on a 10-day mission to learn from the astronauts aboard the ISS. An attempt to dock again will be made later this week. If successful, a Russian Cosmonaut will wear an exoskeleton and augmented reality glasses in a series of experiments later this month.

FEDOR can also be seen firing handguns and doing pushups. Fortunately for those aboard the ISS, FEDOR's legs have been immobilized on the space station because it isn't yet trained to grab handles and move in microgravity conditions. What could go wrong being with a Russian, gun-toting, space-exploring humanoid android in the International Space Station?

"In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream" - Ridley Scott,

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