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  • Kevin Caldwell

That's very Un-liberal of you – Louisiana's Democrat governor takes a meaningful stand.

In a move that is a far cry from the typical Democratic platform, and will no doubt "trigger" many social justice warriors — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, has signaled his support for pro-life "heartbeat" legislation, a bill that would outlaw abortion after ultrasound detects an unborn child's heartbeat.

In recent weeks "Heartbeat Laws" have gained much support. Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama all have similar laws. These laws effectively ban abortion after just weeks of pregnancy. This is in direct opposition to a bill signed into law in January by fellow Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that allows abortion up to the moment of birth. Even further away from the stance of the Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam who supports infanticide.

How does a Democratic Governor end up being pro-life?

Close to 30 years ago, Edwards and his wife were given the advice to abort their daughter who was diagnosed with spina bifida in utero. Going against the doctor advice he and his wife welcomed their daughter to this world. Today, she is living a healthy, vibrant life in spite of the doctor's orders. I guess that's well they call it practicing medicine, just keep practicing until you get it right, because you missed that one.

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