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  • Kevin Caldwell

The Return of Skunk Ape

The video (you can watch it here) was posted on Instagram by @cryptiduniversity, a collector of cryptid videos. The video spread rapidly via the iHeartRadio, which distributed it to its radio stations nationwide to be posted on their news websites. What little information available is that the video was shot in Georgia – no names, dates, locations or any other pertinent data was provided. The quality is fair but whatever it is seems to be larger than an average human, especially when it transitioned from crouching to standing. The comments run the gamut from real to fake, but one commenter in particular is worth listening to.

I’m listening.

“The subject seems to be very large but the movement possibly gives away the potential for some trickery. The subject seems to be looking down at the ground as it turns indicating it might be a person in a suit who is having some difficulty judging the forest floor beneath them. It makes me think this is more than likely a hoax.”

The Daily Star shared the video with Seth Breedlove, the founder, director, producer and man-of-many-other-hats at Small Town Monsters, whose films and specials on American cryptids are popular and highly acclaimed. In addition, Breedlove recently had his own personal Bigfoot encounter, so his evaluation of the video is worth listening to. At first glance, Seth doesn’t seem too impressed with whatever is the focal point of the video, but after some thought, he offers this:

“The thing does appear to be large though, so maybe it’s real? These videos always leave us with more questions than answers.”

Also interesting was a comment from legends_beware found by the radio station Hot 107.9 “Acadiana’ Hottest Music” :

“This video was submitted to my YouTube channel about 8 or 9 years ago. We pulled it along with a couple others because there’s already too many hoaxes out there. Our name is blurred out on the bottom right.”

Hoax? Typical Skunk Ape.

So, it looks like Seth Breedlove has some company on the hoax side. It hurts the legitimate researchers when questionable videos are blasted across the Internet with little supporting data, while serious interviews, studies and recordings are given so little attention. As Seth said, these videos always leave us with more questions than answers.

Unfortunately, too often the question is: “Who are they trying to fool?”

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