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  • Kevin Caldwell

Was The Capitol Siege A Set Up?

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of President Trump's supporters gathered in Washington DC for a rally, just hours ahead of the electoral college votes certification. Following President Trump's speech, the massive group of supporters made their way to the Capitol building where Congress was holding a session to certify the electoral college's votes.

Many described the march to the capitol building as peaceful, without incident. One attendee stated that many police officers who had the streets blocked off for the streets for the rally supported their demonstration. Those in the march were waving American flags and singing the national anthem. All that changed when they reached the Capitol building.

Numerous sources mention the absence of barricades around the building. In fact, in this video, you can see the police seemingly allowing the protesters to enter without incident. This would lead you to ask why the security was so lax outside the Capitol building?

Once inside, you could begin to see two kinds of people in the group, those who were there to show support for President Trump and there were those there to cause chaos. Here is a video from an who was inside the Capitol building during the siege:

In the midst of the Capitol siege, some of those participating made their way in the offices of the politicians and their assistants. This is where the stark contrast between the two types of people in attendee shows. There are two individuals with hoods up and masks on in the video below, and they're making a quick exit through the crowd. There are some that are claiming "special forces" used the rally as a cover to obtain Nancy Pelosi's laptop and blame it on the protestors. Also, in the video, a man yelling, "let him go, let him go!" Almost as if he was part of them and making sure they made it out with the package.

What was on her laptop? Why the push to remove President Trump with only days left in office? Could there be further evidence of election fraud that the Speaker Of The House was privy to? Surfacing at the same time was testimony from an Italian lawyer regarding foreign interference with the US election on November 3, 2020.

Heavy military presence in DC. Heavy censorship to those who oppose the global agenda. Blackouts in the Vatican. We may never what is genuinely happening right now. But what we are sure of: Something is happening.

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